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"Dedekind Real Estate is the oldest and most established real estate company in Ladysmith.

Established in 1970, we have built our reputation on uncompromising honesty and integrity."

Our speciality focus is twofold:

1. We are specialist agents in the sale of residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial property.

2. We specialize in the leasing and holistic managing of residential, commercial, and industrial property.

"Dedekind Real Estate was started in 1971 by Lathor Arno Dedekind I think he worked really hard to get it started.

He started off with R200.00 and went on. Dedekind Real Estate is the best business I know.

It sells lots of houses and I am proud to have my dad work there.

I rate Dedekind Real Estate 10 - 10 xxxxxxxxxx"